Re: TCP implementations and FIN-WAIT-2

Ron Natalie (!!
14 Dec 88 16:08:34 GMT

You DO NOT want to just use a timer to kill FIN-WAIT-2 state connections after
some period of inactivity. This kills applications that legitimately work
this way, notably rsh. It's been tried in the past.

I tend towards the Phil Karn approach, that this should be left to the application.
An application should decide how long after it closes the transmit side of a
connection it should wait before it gives up and forces the TCB to go away.
If data arrives after that, it should get a RST, which is the proper action
whenever data arrives for a connection that doesn't exist. Of course, I believe
UNIX lacks the ability to do this properly in 4.3 (I don't know what Mike has
done in 4.4 or has in mind for the future).

A application probe call that throws packets at an already FIN-ed connection
to see if it can awaken the other end, might be useful however.


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