Re: Performance
Wed, 23 Nov 88 08:37:35 EST

>From: aeras!bud! (Kwang Sung)
>Recently, I improved "ftp" in one of our products which is 4.2BSD based.
>When I typed ftp> bin
> ftp> get /syst /dev/null,
>I had:
> 351465 bytes received in 1 second ( 3.4 e + 02 Kbytes/sec )
>I didn't use Van Jacobson's Algorithm.
>Is there anybody has better "ftp" performance than mine ???

        Huh? Your going to have to provide a little more than this
        if you want people to sit up and take notice!

        First of all, what did you do (in general terms if not specifics)
        to "improve" the ftp on your 4.2 based system? Ftp is not all
        that complicated when it transfers a file. I find it hard to
        see much room for tremendous speed increase at the application level.

        Secondly, what kind of networking are you using? ethernet? other?

        Third, were you staying on your net, or going to an internet host?

        In order to compare anything (be it ftp or ?) you have to have
        a compatible situation. For instance, if I ftp to Europe, it
        ain't never gonna keep up with calling the guy next door.

        Please elaborate if you desire to continue this.

Joel A. Mussman
Contel Federal Systems
(this company has no opinion on ftp)

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