Re: Crackers and Worms

John Mashey (pasteur!agate!bionet!apple!vsi1!wyse!mips!mash@ucbvax.Berkeley.EDU)
12 Nov 88 21:14:01 GMT

In article <> > jwm@aplvax.UUCP (Jim Meritt) writes:
>In article <>In article <829@mcrware.UUCP> >In article <829@mcrware.UUCP> droid@mcrware.UUCP (Andy Nicholson) writes:
>}I'll bet the KGB are laughing their asses off.
>Bet they're not: They see what a kid without malacious intention can do,
>and then they look at their rather pitiful computer systems, look at our
>trained personnel WITH malicious intent, and probably shudder....

On the other hand, is the state of networking in the USSR such that
6000 machines could easily be infected in a day?....I have no personal
knowledge, but I'd guess not.

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