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Steve Dyer (spdcc!
12 Nov 88 16:56:04 GMT

In article <> sam@VAX.FTP.COM writes:
>In the front page and followup
>articles in the Boston Globe today (the Globe is a highly acclaimed,
>respectable paper for you non-Bostonians) portrayed this Morris character
>as a hackers' folk hero. It seemed to quote countless people praising him
>for his brilliance and ingenuity and suggesting that he did us all a favor
>by "exposing" this sendmail bug to the Internet at large, but quoted nobody
>who in any way, shape, or form said, "Oh great. What an asshole."

Putting aside your description of the Globe as "respectable", I would
like to think that the media's portrayal of Robert as "brilliant" and
"ingenious" comes from the many interviews with people who know him and
have worked with him, all of whom will gladly offer comments describing
him as brilliant, his work ingenious, his manner uniformly helpful,
and his intentions always free of malice. This particular event is
certainly confusing to those of us who harbor such opinions, but it's
also not enough to sweep them away.

Sherri, I've known assholes, I've worked with assholes, and RTM
is no asshole.

Steve Dyer
dyer@spdcc.COM aka {harvard,husc6,linus,ima,bbn,m2c,mipseast}!spdcc!dyer

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