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> > 4) I do not in any way support or condone the irresponsible
> > acts of others
> Yeah but:
> 5) When faced with the results of his little experiment, he tucked tail
> and ran like hell.
> How much time and effort would he have save all of us if he had
> announce what he had done, admitted his mistake, and provided any and all
> assistance he could to stopping it. His gravest irresponsibility was in
> running for cover and letting everyone else suffer from his stupidity!

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One cannot expect a person who does an irresponsible thing to become
suddenly aware of responsibility. I am sure that many drunk drivers who are
able leave the scene of an accident they cause.

We can, at best (I am a pessimist and cynic), hope to teach the offender
responsibility and use him as an example to others. Of course, my personal
feelings are that those who commit irresponsible acts with malicious intent
should be taken out and shot (after being proved guilty, of course). No
smiley face.

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