Re: shadow passwords?

Rob ten Kroode (mcvax!
11 Nov 88 11:06:23 GMT

In article <In article <4871@pdn.UUCP> In article <4871@pdn.UUCP> larry@pdn.UUCP (0000-Larry Swift) writes:
#In article <> chris@GYRE.UMD.EDU (Chris Torek) writes:
#>It seems the phrase `shadow password file' is not well known, so here
#>is a definition:

[definition of shadow password files deleted]

#You still haven't explained what use /etc/passwd is, especially if the
#passwords in it are unusable!

There is enough other information (besides the encrypted password) that
is used by various programs. We *do* want to be able to get that information.


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