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Jim Hutchison (net1!
9 Nov 88 06:39:44 GMT

In article <44438@beno.seismo.CSS.GOV> rick@seismo.CSS.GOV (Rick Adams) writes:
>No one that I know of was aware of these "gaping holes". All of the people
>I know of would have fixed it immediately had they know.

>Why are you presuming that they were ignored?

I'm not presuming they were ignored. *Many* people have been aware of this
particular sendmail bug. That was not the purpose of the article. The fact
is, that bugs happen. This was a sendmail & finger bug. Before, it was
an ftp bug (and a cute one that was). Before that, ...

Do you get the picture?

>The sendmail problem was a bug.

O.k. so it was a maintenance feature. :-) One man's answer to buggy humans.

>Dont attempt to rationalize an act that was at best unnecessary and
>bad judgement and at worst was malicious.

I am not rationalizing about this bug in any positive fashion. I'm
stating an odvious fact which you are insisting on ignoring.

>If the intent was malicious, wouldn't you try and explain it away as
>an accident? You have no way of knowing.

Malign or accidental, it was still incautious to send out a worm without
thinking about the FBI coming to visit. :-) Actually, if I did it, I'd
probably confess and plead diminished capacity do to sleep psychosis.

My apologies in advance for any distress these thoughts may cause to
any and all of you folks who did not put this title in your kill file.
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