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In article <In article <832@mcrware.UUCP> In article <832@mcrware.UUCP> droid@mcrware.UUCP (Andy Nicholson) writes:
>I see my points were misunderstood.

>1) It could have been worse
>2) This was an attack made possible by glaring BUGS in system security
>3) BUGS should be fixed when discovered
>4) I do not in any way condone or support the irresponsible or destructive
> acts of others

     Yeah but:

     5) When faced with the results of his little experiment, he tucked tail
and ran like hell.

     How much time and effort would he have save all of us if he had
announce what he had done, admitted his mistake, and provided any and all
assistance he could to stopping it. His gravest irresponsibility was in
running for cover and letting everyone else suffer from his stupidity!
The damage done was in lost time and productivity (to say nothing of the
network traffic and expense this sucker has generated, network traffic and expense this sucker has generated, JJ@PORTAL would be
proud!). We may never know the final ramifications of his mistake. If he
had come forward immediatedly he may have got flamed but I doubt he'd be
under criminal investigation. If and ONLY IF he had assisted in cleaning
up the mess he made would he deserve any thanks. And yes this sure could
have been one hell of a lot worse so let's not encourage the next guy by
making this one out to be any more than he is. Any thanks he may have
deserved by limiting his experiment's destructive power was forfeited when
ducked and ran for cover.

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