Re: a holiday gift from Robert "wormer" Morris

John F. Haugh II (netsys!vector!rpp386!
9 Nov 88 00:28:25 GMT

In article <17823@glacier.STANFORD.EDU> > jbn@glacier.UUCP (John B. Nagle) writes:
> This is serious. The knowledge that this person had the opportunity to
>tamper with the master source code for UNIX is very worrisome. A major
>examination of all AT&T-provided security related code is in order.

Not just security related code - but ALL code.

A trojan horse in awk or sed would be just as deadly. I'm casting my vote
with some other poster who suggested taking a fine toothed comb to all the
UUCP code.

Meanwhile, I'm working on a replacement login so I can have a shadow password
file on this machine.

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