Re: Crackers and Worms

Rick Adams (
8 Nov 88 18:54:41 GMT

No one that I know of was aware of these "gaping holes". All of the people
I know of would have fixed it immediately had they know.

Why are you presuming that they were ignored?

The sendmail problem was a bug. No more than that. The person who
turned loose the worm chose to exploit the bug rather than
report it.

An even worse bug in the ftp daemon was found last week. It was fixed
immediately. No one needed to trash some systems to prove that the
bug exisited. A simple piece of mail explaining things got the
problem fixed.

Dont attempt to rationalize an act that was at best unnecessary and
bad judgement and at worst was malicious.

If the intent was malicious, wouldn't you try and explain it away as
an accident? You have no way of knowing.


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