Re: Morris bashers...

David Emberson (ember!
8 Nov 88 22:26:10 GMT

In article <In article <3481@hubcap.UUCP>, In article <3481@hubcap.UUCP>, hubcap@hubcap.UUCP (Mike Marshall) writes:
> if HE has known about this hole for four years - why
> didn't he do something about getting the word out? What has Mr.
> Emberson done to help me close the hole? Nothing. Mr. Morris has
> seen to it that the sendmail hole, and several others, are mostly
> fixed across the whole network.
Actually, as I pointed out, Matt Bishop (and I presume others) did alert
the Berkeley folks about the sendmail bug. I did not know about the one
in fingerd. I thought the bug in sendmail was fixed in 4.3BSD. It seems
that Ultrix and SunOS are mostly 4.2 based.

> DISCLAIMER: If Mr. Emberson has spent the last four years trying
> to get everyone he knows to turn off "debug" on their send-
> mails... my apologies to him.

I have much better things to do with my time, which was one of my points.


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