Re: password aging (from worm discussion)

Gary Winiger (gww@Sun.COM)
Wed, 9 Nov 88 18:14:10 PST

In article <> chris@GYRE.UMD.EDU (Chris Torek) writes:
>At any rate, we intend to implement shadow password files here (at U of
>MD CSD) if Berkeley does not get to it first. The way the worm breaks
>Unix passwords is by efficiently implementing the Unix `salted' DES
>encryption (possibly the worm's author simply used Bob Baldwin's code),
>We already enforce `hard to guess' passwords---dictionary checking is
>in 4.3BSD-tahoe, and we had been using similar checking earlier---and,

        Some time in Jan, I posted a set of mods to 4.3 that I did while at
ELXSI (with their permission) to implement shadow password files, password
aging, and stronger password criteria. The were posted to alt.sources
with a note in comp.bugs.4bsd. I also sent a copy to Keith Bostic. You
may wish to look at that. If it doesn't meet you needs, it might serve
as a starting point and illustrate a possible approach. If you'd like to
get a copy, drop me a note and I'll return the shars by mail.


P.S. I'll be traveling from 14 - 20 Nov. so replies won't happen until 21 Nov.

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