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Barry Shein (encore!pinocchio!bzs@talcott.harvard.edu)
Wed, 9 Nov 88 13:31:44 est

>>From: stev@vax.ftp.com
>>>it is bad enough that articles misquote someone, i would like to think
>>>that most of them dont know they are mucking it up, rather than not caring
>>>or trying to twist things to prove their point.
>>Although I agree with you in spirit I'd be happy to ship you a
>>transcript of CBS's coverage on their evening news report of the
>>Hacker's Convention a few weeks ago.
>I think when Stev said "articles" in the above quote, he was just referring
>to USENET/mailing list articles. (Stev, beat me about the head and neck if
>I'm misquoting you :-) This spawned the discussion of problems with the

I think not. The discussion was about stuff from postings getting
quoted in the press, specifically something by Van Jacobsen. If it
is then we've all lost the thread of this discussion.

        -Barry Shein, ||Encore||

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