Re: Sun to IBM Full Screen Operation

Mark D. Eggers (
Wed, 9 Nov 88 08:28:34 est

We use SIM3278 as well, and have found some annoying things. Basically,
you are trying to get a block mode device (the IBM) to act like a
character oriented device (a Wyse terminal). First of all, I think that
SIM3278 handles Wyse 50s directly. You might try direct terminal
emulation. Some of the problems may be due Wyse 50 --> VT 100 --> 3278

Now once you get the actual keys working, you may find that SIM3278
does not do such a wonderful job, except for CICS applications (we use
it for NOTIS - an online library catalogue and it works fine). Deletes
do not show up until you press the return key, and for many terminal
types, you must press a return key after pressing a function key in
order for it to take effect.

What you may want to investigate is tn3270 for your Suns, available
via anonymous ftp from Your Sun basically ends
up looking like a 3174 controller (complete with type-ahead). Function
keys, delete and insert, PA1, etc., all work as they would on a real
IBM terminal (ack . . .). I use this on a microVAX II running Ultrix 2.2
on a daily basis, and have not gone back to SIM3278 yet.

Don't get me wrong, SIM3278 is a great product (provides for multiple
session, 3270 over TELENET, etc.), but if you have a Sun, you might
as well use tn3270.

Mark Eggers, Network Communications Analyst, University of Notre Dame

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