X.29 <-> TCP/IP ?

Hans W. Barz (mcvax!cernvax!cgch!cgchb1!whwb@uunet.uu.net)
7 Nov 88 07:27:19 GMT

I'am looking for a product which links X.25 to TCP/IP in the following way:
  The X.25 link should work as a X.29/PAD and the TCP/IP link should be
  a terminalserver. This means a PAD could dial to this X.25 address and
  the TCP/IP-terminalserver answers. Dialing from TCP/IP to the terminal-
  server connect the user to the PAD.

Any experiences with such a product are also appreciated.

Hans Barz, CIBA-GEIGY, CH-Basel, Switzerland
mail: whwb.cgch.uucp

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