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8 Nov 88 03:01:59 GMT

In article <8811052345.AA18501@okeeffe.Berkeley.EDU>, bostic@OKEEFFE.BERKELEY.EDU (Keith Bostic) writes:
> > Does sendmail have the ability
> > of receiving mail for a process? If so, this is the biggest security
> > hole I have heard about in a long time.
> The problem is the implementation, not the concept. Receiving mail
> for a process is extremely useful. Three examples, first, a daemon
> program that automatically files bug reports. Two, a program that
> replies that you've gotten the mail, but aren't reading it because
> you're on vacation. Three, a program that takes mail and gateways
> it to network news groups.
> --keith

I agree with the first poster. It is a BIG security hole. I can understand
the justification for piping incoming mail to a process, but this should be
done via the 'aliases' file, not the To: line. If I can send mail

        To: "|program"

Then why have a /bin/login at all? This gives me ultimate access to the
machine, without ever needing an account. If all I can do, is send mail to
an alias, which is in turn, a process, then the final control is from the
person who owns the '/usr/lib/aliases' file. Perhaps I'm missing something,
but it seems to me, that this is the way the worm propagated.
                                                - Der

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