Re: a holiday gift from Robert "wormer" Morris

Steve Elias (spdcc!
8 Nov 88 12:56:32 GMT

In article <In article <76424@sun.uucp> dre%ember@Sun.COM (David Emberson) writes:
>In article <2060@spdcc.COM>, eli@spdcc.COM (Steve Elias) writes:
>> "Wormer" Morris has quite a career ahead of him, i'll bet.
>> he has done us all a favor by benevolently bashing bsd 'security'.
>prison would be a better place for a person who cost the government, several
>universities, and many companies untold thousands of man-hours and millions of
>dollars in downtime and effort spent tracking this piece of garbage down. And
>it is almost certain that all the copies of the virus haven't been found.

        my opinion is that it is almost certain that others have
        been using such security holes in unix for quite some time.

        i'm glad to see such gaping security holes closed; it is too
        bad that it took a USA Today Worm Program to do this. ca va.

>Unfortunately, the press seems to grab hold of every stupid jerk like this and
>hail him as some sort of genius.

        Morris is apparently quite intelligent.
        but he's also apparently a jerk enough to let his worm get away.

        we may be lucky that it escaped (or was released) before he
        had a chance to slow its propagation speed such that it would
        be more difficult to notice... or worse.



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