Re: Internet VIRUS alert

Guy Harris (auspex!
7 Nov 88 18:14:30 GMT

>> Does sendmail have the ability
>> of receiving mail for a process? If so, this is the biggest security
>> hole I have heard about in a long time.
>The problem is the implementation, not the concept. Receiving mail
>for a process is extremely useful. Three examples, first, a daemon
>program that automatically files bug reports. Two, a program that
>replies that you've gotten the mail, but aren't reading it because
>you're on vacation. Three, a program that takes mail and gateways
>it to network news groups.

Or, putting it another way, the hole exploited by the worm was not the
mere ability of "sendmail" to deliver mail to a process; it was the fact
that a remote host could force "sendmail" to deliver incoming mail to a
process running a command *specified by the remote host*. There may
well be some security hole caused by the ability of the *receiving* host
to specify that mail to "4bsd-bugs" be sent to the "bugfiler" program,
but that's a different matter.

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