various virus (wondrous worm?) quotes

John Romkey (asylum!romkey@NET.BIO.NET)
8 Nov 88 00:59:52 PST (Tue)

Thot you all might enjoy some excerpts from some of the more vacuous
articles about the recent infection.

These quotes do not make any more sense in full context. Honest.

As a side issue, I think the virus RFC is an excellent idea, but
please, *please* DO try to get the press to use it as the basis for
their material. Shove it down the throat of PC Week, at least. Part of
the reason the press seems to screw up things so often or make up
things is that they don't have good access to the information. The
suggestion of keeping this RFC out of the hands of the press is
horrible; some publications may screw up now as it is, but they'll
have no hope of getting it right if the information isn't made
available to them.

Both excerpts are reprinted without permission.

ComputerWorld, Nov 7, p157: "MIS reacts"

"...Polaroid Corp. in Cambridge, Mass., told users to minimize their
exposure to the virus by temporarily avoiding use of databases
established by neighbor and virus victim MIT.

"'We always insist that our people don't replicate software or
otherwise violate copyright laws,' said Al Hyland, director of
world-wide systems at Polaroid...

"...Carl Conger, manager of client services at Texas Utilities Co. in
Dallas said, 'Most of our corporate communications is on leased

PC Week, Nov7, p8: "'Worm' Attacks National Network"

"...No data was destroyed, however, leading computer experts to state
that it was a worm, not a virus. A software worm differs from a virus
in that it is a program that installs itself in a system and takes
total control of a computer's resources, while a virus consists of
code that is installed in a program and, when invoked, can spread
throughout a system and destroy data."

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