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Barry Shein (encore!pinocchio!bzs@talcott.harvard.edu)
Sat, 5 Nov 88 17:01:59 est

From: stev@vax.ftp.com
>it is bad enough that articles misquote someone, i would like to think
>that most of them dont know they are mucking it up, rather than not caring
>or trying to twist things to prove their point.

Although I agree with you in spirit I'd be happy to ship you a
transcript of CBS's coverage on their evening news report of the
Hacker's Convention a few weeks ago.

They blatantly and consciously lied, clipped out of context, overlaid
sensationalist narrative to turn what was basically a benign
convention of computer nerds into some sort of conspiratorial assembly
of criminals, it was unbelievable. Here is part of the opening:

Narrator (trees and outdoor scenes at conference): A small revolutionary
army is meeting in the hills above California's Silicon Valley this
weekend, plotting their next attacks on the valley below, the heart
of the nation's computer industry. They call themselves computer hackers.

The rest is worse.

        -Barry Shein, ||Encore||

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