Barry Shein (encore!pinocchio!bzs@talcott.harvard.edu)
Sun, 6 Nov 88 01:42:57 est

Er, calm down, it's rather easy to bind ^O or ^S/^Q key functions to
other keystrokes in all the emacs's I know of, for the latter a
special note is even included spelling this out (and a function built
in to make sure this works correctly, (set-input-mode nil t), GNU

Also, for what it's worth, your complaint about ^S/^Q is in the wrong
direction. It's not the host sending it to you when downloading, it's
you sending it as keystrokes to the host. But that's ok, the point is
the same, many terminals couldn't take 9600b anyhow and would send
^S/^Q, same for some network terminal muxes.

I agree with you (at least in spirit) about the ^S/^Q thing but being
as it's resettable easily I really don't think about it much.

        -Barry Shein, ||Encore||

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