Sun to IBM Full Screen Operation

John Wegl (
Mon, 7 Nov 88 15:01:40 EST

If anyone out there has experienced the following problem and found
a solution we would greatly appreciate any help.

We have a Sun 3/280 connected to the DDN using the Sun provided
DDN interface. On the back side of the Sun we have a number of
WYSE terminals emulating VT-100s. We are trying to connect from those
terminals through the Sun and DDN to an IBM system using TELNET and
SIM 3278 on the IBM. To get into the applications on the IBM we have
to change our TELNET from character mode to line mode. However, once
we are there we lose some functionality--mainly, we can't get cursor
movement using the arrow keys; and using shift F3 does not do a screen
print but just echoes. Those are the only problems we have identified
thus far, but there may be others we have not encountered because of
those two. We have tried turning the echo off until in the application
and then turning it back on at the terminal. That was supposed to be
a working solution, but no luck so far. By the way, the IBM is using
the Network Solutions DDN interface package.

Any solutions or suggestions are welcome.

John Wegl

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