VIRUS discussion quenched? (was Re: Virus)

Keith Bostic (bostic%okeeffe.Berkeley.EDU@ucbvax.Berkeley.EDU)
Sun, 6 Nov 88 06:46:25 PST

> "Most of the program has been deciphered, but the computer scientists said
> they were no longer allowed to discuss the virus because of a Pentagon
> directive."

I have no knowledge of this, and the government portion of the Internet
is quite aware that we have decompiled source. They have requested a
copy but, again, to my knowledge, have made no further requests.

The Berkeley postings to this mailing list and to USENET have reported,
in extensive detail, EVERYTHING that is interesting about this worm. I
don't believe there is anything to be gained by copies of the source being
readily available.


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