Cheap Bridge wanted...

Richard Perlman (pacbell!pbseps!
5 Nov 88 03:25:14 GMT

I am lookin to connect to ethernet installations as CHEAPLY as
possible. At the moment cost is much more of a consideration
than performance! The purpose is to demonstrate the possibilities
of file/device sharing over medium (45 mile) distances.

The curerent installations are as follows:

A: Sun workstation running Sun's IR and connected to one end
        of a 56kb DDS sync circuit. Other machines exist on the
        same ethernet as the Sun.

B: Sequent Symmetry (has SLIP available), Annex II terminal
        server (can do SLIP at <= 38kb), various PCs running
        PC-NFS. All this is connected by thinwire with a 3COM
        Multi-port fanout box (8 empty slots). The other end of
        the 56kb ckt is at this location and is currently
        unterminated (other than the DSU/CSU).

Note that the DSU/CSU (General Datacom) does not appear to be
able to change speeds (like its slower 9.6 cousin can).

What would you suggest??? (suggestions like "2 Proteon Routers @
12K each" will not be helpful! 8^)

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