Re: RFC on Internet "Virus", Please

Farokh J. Deboo (bridge2!fjd@Sun.COM)
Fri, 4 Nov 88 22:43:21 PST


This is really addressed to the "tcp-ip" community in general:

Good idea. A "virus" RFC indeed!

My main comment to this state of affairs is the sensationalism
associated witht this kind of event.

Although it is very fruitful to discuss such issues within closed
groups (eg. "tcp-ip"), when at all possible can we please leave
the press out of this kind of an event. Publicizing such an
event on the 6 o'clock news only tends to encourage the worm-
maker, the virus-monger, you name it! Terrorists and hackers
really fall into the same category. Let's not glorify them on
the front page of the local rag sheet!

Farokh Deboo

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I would like to have an RFC written about the Internet "Virus" event to
document exactly what actually happened. Virus is in quotes since this
was technically a Worm. The RFC should describe features were used, what
tricks were used, and how it worked. Also how it was stopped, and what
lessons were learned. All the history, the story of its spread and its
defeat. This RFC should include all the gory details. This RFC can then
be the basis for summary articles in magazines and journals. I think that
this RFC should have many authors, as many people contributed to the efforts
to understand and stop this program.


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