IP for the MAC

Miles Fidelman (bbn.com!mfidelma@bbn.com)
4 Nov 88 17:43:52 GMT


Does anyone have a version of IP for the MAC that can run as a background
task rather than as part of an application such as NCSA Telnet?

What I have in mind is as follows:

I would like to be able to send and recieve IP packets over Appletalk from a
program running within Allegro Common Lisp. I believe this will require a
background or interrupt process that receives incoming packets and then passes
them to the Lisp environment as well as the code for sending packets.

Allegro CL has a facility for linking code in MPW object format. Allegro
can also receive system events and generate traps.

So.....if you any ideas or pieces of the solution, please send me email. I'll
post what I find out.

Thanks much,

Miles Fidelman

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