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David Herron -- One of the vertebrae (
4 Nov 88 04:59:29 GMT

The flippant response (to the question about why any application
would use funny characters) is that if the system doesn't allow
interaction with a terminal using the entire character set, then
that system is brain-dead. (A notable instance is PR1ME which is
fine except there is no way short of calling some really-really-
really-really low-level kernal routines to get a ^J to be read
by a program).

The non-flippant reasponse is "why not?". Also, what's so standard
about, for instance, ^O. Yeah some operating systems use that for
special purposes, but nowhere near all of them. What's so "standard"
about ^S/^Q (another pair which causes headaches for emacs). For
one thing it's not standard, but it's also rather braindead to have
a system which uses in-band signaling to do flow control. Not only
is it slow and error prone, it decreases the "bandwidth".

I don't mean to inflame anybody, and I apologize if I have.

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