Network Connectivity - Part 2

Fri, 4 Nov 1988 10:28 MST


I discovered the same problem last night caused by the fact that the
prime gateways were down (either deliberately taken down, looped off
the net or powered down by the NOC) in an effort to compartmentalize
the spread of the worm (not virus). It is not just the TOPS20 hosts
which depend on these gateways for ICMP REDIRECTs - all hosts using
the prime gateways do. Once I added a couple of other gateways,
everything started flowing again everywhere except across the MIL-ARPA
gateways (as I believe was the intent in shutting off those gateways).

The lesson to be learned from this is that we should have at least one
other non-MIL-ARPA prime gateway in the list of assigned gateways
should it become necessary to isolate those two nets from each other
in the future.


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