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Steve Goldstein (
Fri, 04 Nov 88 09:52:28 EST


I have had similar experiences a few weeks ago with a Princeton host on
arpanet and reachable thru nsfnet via jvnc. The telco line from jvnc to pri
on broke, and there was no way in hell that I could get through to princeton
via my normal methods. Then, I logged in to a machine in Wisconsin that
happened to be on arpanet and, voila! there I was getting into the princeton
host! Seems that the new routes did not age properly on jvnc's EGP-server.
They should have shown the new route to princeton via arpanet, but they did not.

I have no idea in this current swiss cheese Internet whether or not similar
things could be happening, but certainly the gated, EGP and other things that
usually hum must be going bump in the night!

Keep the faith,

Steve Goldstein
normally: (which is down!)

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