Re: misquoting . . . .

H. Craig McKee (
Thu, 03 Nov 88 08:52:31 EST

>In short, Stev, you are right! Just say it the best way you know how
>and take the "losses in translation". That's the beauty of humans.
>They can compensate for a lot of bogosity. If, howsomever, they take
>a tight, efficient, accurate algorithm from someone like Van Jacobson and
>contort it in any way, it cannot be compiled by a computer, for sure.

In the tradition of getting the facts wrong but the story right:

The closing reference to Van Jacobson and a compiler reminds me of an
old story about someone who worked for Sperry. For amusement, he would
submit the inter-office memos to a COBOL complier; about 1/4 of the
memos would compile. Regards - Craig

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