Re: re NetBIOS/TCP (UDP)

Bill Crews (!halley!
1 Nov 88 20:11:44 GMT

I hope and doubt the readers of this group don't really need to be convinced
of the value of network file systems versus network file transfer and network
login, although a couple of the messages made it sound that way. If the
argument is rather that NetBIOS in a DOS address space consumes an intolerable
amount of additional RAM, I suggest that in my experience (with Excelan and
UB stuff) is that it doesn't.

I think what is happening is that some people have a prejudice, somewhat
deserved, against NetBIOS, and that subverts all other rational thinking.
We do it, and I'm glad we do, because there are a lot of people out there on
IBM PC Networks, Token Rings, and other MS-Nets that want to share data, file
system space, and/or printers with Unix users, and we give them that
capability. We also provide NFS, in case people would rather use that.
Why consciously segment network users from network resources?


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