The DCA TCP/IP Protocol Test Suite

Jose Rodriguez (jose@MCL.UNISYS.COM)
Wed, 2 Nov 88 09:19:13 EST

RE: The TCP/IP Protocol testing suite from DCA:

The bottom line is that it is is available from the National Technical
Information Service for (somewhat) nominal fee in object code form
for (yes) Ultrix 1.1 systems.

At Interop88 I gave a session on the protocol suite that covered
a number of things related to the lab like installation, why install one,
what is needed, etc. It was supposed to be more on the tools the lab
has that support the testing of protocols but people weren't interested
in that. I do recommend finding out how the lab works - its architecture -
before anything else. The NTIS has a document on this, and an article by
Bob Jones published on the Connexions newsletter issue on protocol
testing covers the architecture too.

Anyway I have a package of info that you might find useful (it
includes the letter from OSD on the future of the lab). Send me a US
mail address.

Jose Rodriguez
Unisys McLean R&D

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