Re: TCP/IP terminalservers and BREAK(/^C)

Charles Hedrick (!!
1 Nov 88 23:26:42 GMT

Unless I'm misreading him, Chris is saying that telnetd can't tell
when you've cleared the output buffer on the pty. This can't be true.
Rlogin can tell, by using the funny packet mode pty with select. Our
telnetd does the same thing. As far as I can tell, we do find out
when the output buffer has been cleared, and we do issue the
urgent/sync at that time. At least I see a SYNC whenever I type ^C.
On the Pyramid, I do the "inner loop" of telnet and rlogind inside the
kernel. There of course there's no trouble getting access to the
information, so things may work a bit better. (I understand that
Pyramid is going to be distributing that code sometime after the
release of OSx 4.4.)

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