Please help us archeologists

Tue, 1 Nov 88 19:17:17 EST


During the brief, but fiery lifetime of the NSFNET Phase-I Backbone
Network Doug Elias and his many friends at Cornell, U Michigan and
U Delaware stashed many megabytes of statistics and performance data
away in archival files. At one time the data collected ranged from
September 1986 through June 1988 and represented an immensely
valuable resource students from all over could trammel over and use
in simulators and so forth.

While collecting and organizing these data Mike Davis discovered an
oxide plow had mysteriously excavated the period from March 87 through
September 87 right off the archive platters both here and at Cornell.
This note is to ask each of you whether you have copies of that data,
which covers a period in which major changes and upgrades were being
made to the software, stashed on your own archives. Speaking for Cornell,
U Michigan, NSF and ourselves on this matter, we would dearly like to
recover the lost bits.

We will reward the swampthing that slithers up with some or all of the
wayward bits with a "I Love an Amphibophile" button.


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