Bill Lewandowski (wrl@Ford-cos2.ARPA)
Tue, 1 Nov 88 10:02:26 MST

On copyrights,
No, you do not have to register them with anyone that I know
of. By marking a paper or E-Mail message you sent as 'copyright',
only the creator or his agents can give permission to re-produce
or distribute the copyrighted material.

In theory, an E-Mail user can send a copyrighted e-mail to
the tcp-ip distribution list and have his copyright intact because
the author knowingly sent it to a distribution list.

The copyright does though forbid any one who receives the message
from giving it or copying it. (Automatic distribution is ok as
long as it is part of the sending it the mailing list even if the
distribution is not done by SRI-NIC because we all know that this
list is far reaching). A receiver could not manually forward it though.

DISCLAMER: I'm not a lawyer but thats the way it was explained
to me.

P.S. I agree with Dave Mills though, I don't think this forum
should be for copyrighted or registered materials.


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