Re: Copyrighted messages

Van Jacobson (
Tue, 01 Nov 88 00:36:49 PST

Dave & Dan -

You're right. I was stupid to put a copyright notice in a mail
message and I'm grateful to you guys for pointing it out. I
realized I'd made a mistake shortly after sending the message
(as usual, just a few minutes too late). I was composing that
message shortly after seeing an extract from an earlier message
in "the media". It had been taken out of context and appeared
to say the opposite of what I had actually said. The
surrounding text gave the impression that the quote was taken
from an interview (which, of course, it wasn't). When I called
to complain about the misrepresentation, I was told that
attributing public statements to an "interview" was a standard
journalistic practise as was excerpting uncopyrighted statements
made in a public forum. I guess the "uncopyrighted" stuck in my

So, my apologies to all & never again (I hope -- there's this
problem that the only time it's easy to write is when I'm
steamed -- If I wasn't distracted by some annoyance, I'd be
working on something new rather than writing about something
old. I guess that's why the guidelines say "let it sit for a
day before sending".)

Thanks again for pointing out the problem.

 - Van

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