SUPDUP (was: telnet vs rlogin)

Ken Harrenstien (KLH@SRI-NIC.ARPA)
Mon, 31 Oct 88 14:55:07 PST

For several days now people have been talking about whether TELNET can
support Unix notions like rlogin, and if so, how. Groan. Wheel
re-invention is always discouraging to see, especially when the new is
worse than the old; I'm not sure if this message will help, but I feel
obliged to speak up.

There have already been several attempts to enhance TELNET
negotiations to support the exchange of terminal type/handling
information and to encourage transparency. The most successful that
I'm personally aware of -- certainly one of the oldest -- is SUPDUP.

SUPDUP is listed as one of the TELNET options in the DDN Procotol
handbook; unfortunately, for full details it refers to another RFC
which by some oversight is not included in the handbook. I have
listed the relevant RFCs below:

   NIC-45499 18 Sep 78 (Greenberg) Telnet SUPDUP-OUTPUT Option
   NIC-44015 21 Mar 78 (Crispin) Recent Extensions to the SUPDUP
   NIC-43976 17 Mar 78 (Stallman) The SUPDUP Graphics Extension
   NIC-42213 31 Oct 77 (Crispin) TELNET SUPDUP Option
   NIC-41953 7 Oct 77 (Crispin) SUPDUP Protocol

These (or any other) RFCs can be obtained from SRI-NIC.ARPA either by
FTP of the filenames RFC:RFCnnn.TXT or by e-mail to
SERVICE@SRI-NIC.ARPA with "RFC nnn" in the subject line. The index
itself is RFC:RFC-INDEX.TXT (or "RFC INDEX").


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