4.3bsd imp going down crash?

Ron Stanonik (stanonik@nprdc.arpa)
31 October 1988 1422-PST (Monday)

Our vax 11/780 running 4.3bsd with an lhdh crashed shortly
after "imp going down" and "imp marked down" messages. The
error was a seg fault and as I read (or misread) the crash
dump, the "marked down" message cleared the per imp hosttable
(sc->imp_hosts) while impstart was trying to read it (actually
impstart had handed the value to impstarthost, which is where
we croaked).

Does this sound familiar; ie, have we missed some bug fix?
We are running the networking fixes that berkeley announced
a while ago; eg, if_imp.c is version 7.5 6/8/88.


Ron Stanonik

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