Re: telnet v.s. rlogin

Mon, 31 Oct 88 13:02 EST

    From: hedrick at ARAMIS.RUTGERS.EDU (Charles Hedrick)

    systems actually make this distinction. (Many systems represent end
    of line in files in different ways, but that's not the issue. The
    issue is whether what comes from the terminal when the user wants to
    generate an end of line is CR.)
    going to be treated the same, and it is hard to see why the telnet

Actually, that's a little simplistic since the definition of EOL, while
in the TELNET spec, is actually part of the Network Virtual Terminal
(NVT) definition. Note that NVT is not only used in TELNET but in other
protocols as well such as FTP where the EOL character that is used
inside a file is very important for the correct transfer of files between
heterogeneous file systems.

                              John G. Ata

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