Mon, 31 Oct 88 11:03:38 EST

> Van,
> With all due respect and sympathy for trade-rag misquote, I would
> like very much to dissuade anybody using these widely read distribution
> lists from copyrighting messages. Interpreted narrowly, they can't be
> replied to (copyrighted header), forwarded to a student, archived or
> duplicated, electronically or otherwise. The tcp-ip list itself has
> a duplication policy which has been explicitly repeated from time to
> time (can this be done again, please) for exactly the reason that
> caused your pique. While I can paraphrase that policy here, I would
> rather the NIC resend the exact wording.
> Meanwhile, if you must copyright anything sent to this or other electric
> reproduction machine, please specify exactly your interpretation of fair
> use; that is, whether reproduction is permitted electronically, on paper,
> whether the header is included and whether limited reproduction is
> permitted for educational purposes. I would assume that, legally, this
> specification would have to appear on every message.
> Dave

Uh, excuse me, but don't all copyrights have to be registered with the US
government within a specific amount of time? And of course if we
reported every mail item we ever sent, they would probably have to allocate
the defense budget, welfare, social security, and just about everything
else to hire enough clerks in the copyright office!

On the serious side, copyrighting a mail item prohibits the retransmission
or copying of the item, electronically or otherwise (which makes it awfully
hard to reply to in this forum). But I don't think that it prevents you
from being quoted (or misquoted), as long as the person doing that provides
an appropriate bibliography.


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