TCP-/IP Test Suite

Lorraine A. Silber (
Mon, 31 Oct 88 10:36:41 EST

Doug --

BBN Communications offers a service called Test Net that provides X.25
(CCITT and DDN), TCP/IP, and higher-level protocol testing.

We offer conformance testing of X.25 now and hope to be accredited to certify
X.25 implementations for DDN by the end of November. TCP/IP conformance
testing is a more difficult matter. The only conformance test suite for TCP/IP
that I know about was developed by UNISYS under contract to Defense
Communications Agency. It is to be used to test TCP/IP implementations for
DDN, but it has not been released to any laboratory to do TCP/IP certifications
as yet, although I have heard it will be used next year. There has been much
discussion about this test suite, and one of the difficulties about it is that
it was developed to run on a microvax using Ultrix 1.1, an obsolete operating
system. I believe the test suite is available from the government now, but I
don't have any more details on how you can receive it.

Test Net can offer you functional, performance, and interoperability testing of
TCP/IP and any higher-level protocols your product may have. We offer
real-life network testing and a realistic, multi-vendor network environment.
Our test network is a part of the BBNNet, and we can connect your product to it
in our lab or via a dial-up connection from your site. Using a test plan
customized for your product, we can use special test tools to stress your
product and find problems.

If you would like more information on Test Net, please contact me. I would be
happy to explain our services further.

Lori Silber
BBN Communications Corporation

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