Re: Specification of Berkeley networking utilities

Henry Spencer (mnetor!utzoo!
28 Oct 88 18:44:06 GMT

In article <211@cwjcc.CWRU.Edu> > chet@pirate.UUCP (Chet Ramey) writes:
>Mike Karels... said he hoped that if that stuff got
>into Telnet, rlogin and friends could just fade away quietly without

I'm afraid he's being wildly optimistic. The time to kill rlogin and
friends was five minutes before the 4.2 tapes started shipping. It's
far too late now.

>(Christ, Henry, don't you ever have anything nice to say about Berkeley?
>Even once? (Henry? Say something nice about Berkeley? It is to laugh! :-))

You wound me, sir. I said something nice about Berkeley just last year. :-)

Actually, they've done a lot of good stuff, and the world is better off
with them than without them, but the world (especially the networking
world) would be a nicer place if some of the effort that went into
(e.g.) 1986's wonderful new ideas had gone into rethinking and cleaning
up (e.g.) 1985's.

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