Re: Dumb question: ping w/o icmp support?

Roy Smith (phri!
29 Oct 88 03:09:23 GMT

henry@utzoo.uucp (Henry Spencer) writes:
> Obviously the technical name of the quantity being measured is something
> like "bogosity", but what are the units? :-)

        Given that the quantity is bogosity, and the universe in which this
quantity exists is the swamp, it seems that "the bog" is the obvious name for
the unit of measure. Next question; do we define a fixed goodness-to-badness
continium with 1 bog being totaly bogus (thus, a 10 decibog box would be 90%
in compliance with the specs) or do we define an open-ended scale, on the
assumption that no matter how bad something is, somebody will always manage
to come along with something worse?

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