Re: Mistakes...

Mon 31 Oct 88 00:48:28-EST

Shane, You are too sensitive. But, heck, that's not really a deep criticism.

You simply lack the 'culture" of mailing list behavior. Not that the
current culture is good or bad, but it just "is". I have noted for the past
half decade that many persons who send out postings have this cutesy hack
that let's them have an arbitrary "quote of the day". I liken it to those
silly yellow diamonds on the back of many automobiles that say things
like "Baby on Board" or "Honk if you love Brakes". IN other words
most of society regards that kind of "statement" as rather innocuous.
I think the ssame goes for the signoffs on mailing lists and such.

Just ignore it and hope others ignore yours...

Welcome aboard!


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