Copyrighted messages

Sun, 30 Oct 88 19:02:50 EST


With all due respect and sympathy for trade-rag misquote, I would
like very much to dissuade anybody using these widely read distribution
lists from copyrighting messages. Interpreted narrowly, they can't be
replied to (copyrighted header), forwarded to a student, archived or
duplicated, electronically or otherwise. The tcp-ip list itself has
a duplication policy which has been explicitly repeated from time to
time (can this be done again, please) for exactly the reason that
caused your pique. While I can paraphrase that policy here, I would
rather the NIC resend the exact wording.

Meanwhile, if you must copyright anything sent to this or other electric
reproduction machine, please specify exactly your interpretation of fair
use; that is, whether reproduction is permitted electronically, on paper,
whether the header is included and whether limited reproduction is
permitted for educational purposes. I would assume that, legally, this
specification would have to appear on every message.


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