SNIFFER vs. Lanalyzer

Greg_Baber (dowjone!
27 Oct 88 11:16:54 GMT

I posted this several days on comp.dcom.lans. Upon reflection,
I thought that tcp-ip might help too, so here goes:

        My company is about to purchase an ethernet protocol analyzer and has narrowed
        the choice down to two machines, THE SNIFFER from Network General and The
        LanAlyzer from Excelan. Anyone who has used either of these two devices and
        has anything either good or bad to say about them, I'd appreciate it. We're
        interested in things like packet capture rate, completeness of protocol
        interpretation, and ease of use. If anyone has done a study similar to ours,
        please do not hesitate to call or email. Please, no salesmen, we're not look-
        ing for hype. Thanks, gregb

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