Re: TCP/IP for IBMs?

Ron Natalie (!!
28 Oct 88 01:16:12 GMT

The 4381 and the 9370 can both talk to the Token Ring with an 8232 which
is not so hot, but it is what IBM has right now. The 8232 is a second
generation of a DACU only this time rather than having something useful
like a UNIBUS, it's an industrial channel attached IBM-PC. If you could
deal with plugging the machines into Ethernet, BusTech makes a much cheaper
and better performing channel attached Ethernet controller. The 9370 can
also be attached to the network without the 8232 because there are integral
lan interface cards available.

The Series 3X (and the AS/400) are going to be more interesting. I don't
think IBM has gotten that far in pushing TCP/IP. Mostly at the last SHARE
IBM was tripping over themselves insisting that their support of TCP/IP and
UNIX was not an indication that these would supplant SNA and SAA respectively.


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