Ethernet Type Fields

29 Oct 1988 18:46-EDT

1600 VALID system protocol *
208 BBN Simnet Private %
6000 DEC unassigned
6001 DEC Maintenance Operation Protocol (MOP) Dump/Load Assistance
6002 DEC Maintenance Operation Protocol (MOP) Remote Console
6003 DECNET Phase IV
6004 DEC Local Area Transport (LAT)
6005 DEC diagnostic protocol (at interface initialization?)
6006 DEC customer protocol
6007 DEC Local Area VAX Cluster (LAVC)
6008 DEC unassigned
6009 DEC unassigned
7000 Ungermann-Bass download
7002 Ungermann-Bass diagnostic/loopback
8003 Cronus VLN
8004 Cronus Direct
8005 HP Probe protocol
8006 Nestar
8010 Excelan
8013 Silicon Graphics diagnostic
8014 Silicon Graphics network games
8015 Silicon Graphics reserved
8016 Silicon Graphics XNS NameServer, bounce server
8019 Apollo DOMAIN
8035 Reverse Address Resolution Protocol (RARP)
8038 DEC LanBridge Management
8039 DEC unassigned
803A DEC unassigned
803B DEC unassigned
803C DEC unassigned
803D DEC Ethernet Encryption Protocol
803E DEC unassigned
803F DEC LAN Traffic Monitor Protocol
8040 DEC unassigned
8041 DEC unassigned
8042 DEC unassigned
805B Stanford V Kernel, experimental
805C Stanford V Kernel, production
807C Merit Internodal
8080 Vitalink TransLAN III Management
809B EtherTalk (AppleTalk over Ethernet)
80C1 DCA Data Exchange Cluster
80DE TRFS (Integrated Solutions Transparent Remote File System)
80F3 AppleTalk Address Resolution Protocol (AARP)
8107 Symbolics Private
8108 Symbolics Private
8109 Symbolics Private
8137 Novell (old)
9000 Loopback (Configuration Test Protocol)
9001 Bridge Communications XNS Systems Management
9002 Bridge Communications TCP/IP Systems Management
FF00 BBN VITAL-LanBridge cache wakeups %

* These protocols use Ethernet broadcast, where multicast would be preferable.
# BBN Butterfly Gateways also use 0800 for non-IP, with IP version field = 3.
% BBN Private Protocols, not registered
Some Known Ethernet Vendor Addresses 10/29/88

Ethernet hardware addresses are 48 bits, expressed as 12 hexadecimal digits
(0-9, plus A-F, capitalized). These 12 hex digits consist of
the first/left 6 digits (which should match the vendor of the Ethernet interface
within the station) and the last/right 6 digits which specify the interface
serial number for that interface vendor.

Ethernet addresses might be written unhyphenated (e.g. 123456789ABC),
or with one hyphen (e.g. 123456-789ABC), but should be written hyphenated
by octets (e.g. 12-34-56-78-9A-BC).

These addresses are physical station addresses, not multicast nor
broadcast, so the second hex digit (reading from the left)
will be even, not odd.

At present, it is not clear how the IEEE assigns Ethernet block addresses.
Whether in blocks of 2**24 or 2**25, and whether multicasts are assigned
with that block or separately. A portion of the vendor block address
is reportedly assigned serially, with the other portion intentionally
assigned randomly. If there is a global algorithm for which addresses
are designated to be physical (in a chipset) versus logical
(assigned in software), or globally-assigned versus locally-assigned addresses,
some of the known addresses do not follow the scheme.

00000C Cisco
000020 DIAB (Data Intdustrier AB)
000022 Visual Technology
00002A TRW
00005A S & Koch
000065 Network General
000093 Proteon
00009F Ameristar Technology
0000A9 Network Systems
0000AA Xerox Xerox machines
0000B3 CIMLinc
0000C0 Western Digital
0000DD Gould
000102 BBN BBN internal usage (not registered)
001700 Kabel
00DD00 Ungermann-Bass
00DD01 Ungermann-Bass
020701 Interlan UNIBUS or QBUS machines, Apollo
020406 BBN BBN internal usage (not registered)
02608C 3Com IBM PC; Imagen; Valid
02CF1F CMC Masscomp, Silicon Graphics
080002 Bridge
080003 ACC (Advanced Computer Communications)
080005 Symbolics Symbolics LISP machines
080008 BBN
080009 Hewlett-Packard
08000A Nestar Systems
08000B Unisys
080010 AT+T
080014 Excelan BBN Butterfly, Masscomp, Silicon Graphics
080017 NSC
08001A Data General
08001B Data General
08001E Apollo
080020 Sun Sun machines
080022 NBI
080025 CDC
080028 TI Explorer
08002B DEC UNIBUS or QBUS machines, VAXen, LANBridges
                        (DEUNA, DEQNA, DELUA)
080036 Intergraph CAE stations
080039 Spider Systems
080045 Xylogics???
080047 Sequent
080049 Univation
08004C Encore
08004E BICC
08005A IBM
080067 Comdesign
080068 Ridge
080069 Silicon Graphics
08006E Excelan
080075 DDE (Danish Data Elektronik A/S)
08007C Vitalink TransLAN III
080080 XIOS
080087 ????
080089 Kinetics AppleTalk-Ethernet interface
08008B Pyramid
08008D XyVision XyVision machines
AA0003 DEC Global physical address for some DEC machines
AA0004 DEC Local logical address for systems running DECNET
Some Known Ethernet Multicast Addresses 10/29/88

Ethernet Type
Address Field Usage

Multicast Addresses:

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