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Everett F. Batey II (suned1!
27 Oct 88 06:22:53 GMT

Couldn't let be mention of the NTS100 TELNET / rlogin SERVERS. They do when
the rep finally gets you the current ROM pack. Then the puke from the factory
says you have to return it or pay for it again .. sure come see me .. and the
company attorney .. It works for me with modem inbound .. not so well but use-
able for outbound .. not UUCP. We have been pretty stable for nearly a year.

For outbound services you want only one service class per server as best I can
tell. They take some getting used to. Think I would prefer to LAT from a
DEC Server to a telnet capable VAX if dollars weren't binding condition.

MY QUESTION. We are on a site with a 192... address assigned. That is across
a MILnet gateway. To use my telnet / rlogin servers, must I consume some of
those 254 addresses? Is there a network legal way to be on another net number
in the 255.255.255. upper 24 bits? Which my local hosts can see and still
get helped NS from my local domain internal name server?

WHAT does every one else with multiple hosts and servers on a local ethernet
gatewayed to ARPA / Internet do to preserve host addresses with servers? Do
your servers telnet to folks across the gateway? We are still a way from
connected and I would appreciate some planning help .. thanks /Ev/

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