Re: Specification of Berkeley networking utilities

Guy Harris (auspex!
27 Oct 88 20:02:09 GMT

>According to Mike Karels, there are no plans to write specifications
>for the protocols used by the r-commands because they were originally
>hacks to try out TCP and should die a natural death. If they were
>documented, then people would be implementing them, they would
>proliferate, and there would be no getting rid of them.

Just like Sun and ND (yes, that's why it was never published)....

>The party line is that 4.3 telnet is better anyway, so we should all be
>using that.

If "4.3" means "4.3BSD", rather than "4.3-tahoe", this isn't quite true;
the 4.3BSD "telnet" doesn't pass the screen size over the wire, while
the 4.3BSD "rlogin" does so every time it changes. I don't think I
found any TELNET option to do that when I looked for one, but this
doesn't mean it isn't there - is there such an option? Has one been

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